July book group meeting: ‘Barchester Towers’ by Anthony Trollope

Barchester Towers coverFollowing The Warden we are now reading the next in the Barsetshire series, Barchester Towers.

This is a much longer and more complex story with a large number of characters and several sub-plots.

While the controversies that create the factions of the novel may now seem silly, Trollope’s analysis of the roots of dissension in human nature will always be to the point.

Despite being a long book with the usual Victorian descriptions and digressions, it is very readable. Trollope himself comments on his tale, almost as if he were one of the characters – and a very pleasant and understanding character at that.

Picture from Catherine Pope – Victorian Geek blog.

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  1. Hi there

    Great to see that you are reading the Barsetshire novels, I hope that you are enjoying them! The Trollope Society is holding an online Barchester Towers Summer Read in August 2011 on Facebook. It would be great if you’d join us and share your thoughts on Barchester Towers.

    To join the group just join the event on http://www.facebook.com/trollopesociety

    Many thanks

    Dominic Edwardes

    • Hi Dominic,

      Thank you for the information. It sounds like an interesting group. I will put a post on the blog.

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